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In this example I am going to place a new widget area on the secondary header bar that appears above the logo at the top of the screen in Divi – where you can also place social media icons, email address and phone number. However you can place it wherever you want.

Go to Appearance > Widgets and enter the name of the widget area in the box at the bottom and click “Create”

Refresh the screen and you will see your widget area appear. Stick a text box in the widget area and put something in the content box. It doesn’t matter what, but it just helps to identify where the widget area appears.

Next, using FTP, make a local copy of the “header.php” file that’s located in your wp-content/themes/Divi folder and open it in a text editor. Around line 91 you should see the text

<div id=”et-secondary-menu”>


Find this text and immediately after it put the code


<?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’) || !dynamic_sidebar(‘ut_header_widget’) ) : endif; ?>


Don’t forget to change hte name of “ut_header_widget” to the name of the new widget area that you declared above. Your code should now look like this.

Save the file as “header.php” and using FTP transfer it to the child theme folder. If you refresh the screen you will now see the new header area appear.

If necessary, use CSS to hide the social media icons and adjust the padding of the widget area. You can now use the widgetized area for content as you would for any other widget area via Appearance > Widgets.